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2/1 Preview

You can now choose to have our bots use a basic 2/1 bidding system. Practice and Join games only while in preview.

About 2/1

If you’re not familiar with 2/1, you can learn about the core concepts that set it apart from SAYC. Our bots implement a subset of “LC Standard” which you can find described here.

Getting Started

To opt-in to 2/1 bidding, first choose Practice or Join, then go to “More Games / Rules.” Find the “Bidding system” option and set it to 2/1 before creating your game.

While in preview, selecting 2/1 affects the entire game – bots will both bid and interpret others’ bids using that system. In the future we expect to allow systems to be selected by partnership.

Sending Feedback

If you run into an issue using 2/1, you can let us know by opening the main menu, going to Help, then choosing “Send Feedback.” We recommend turning on the “Review Last Deal” game option and reporting issues during the review step before you play your next hand.


Experienced Bridge player and software engineer Ralph Lipe created and collaborated with us on a new open-source Bridge bidding bot called Bridgit. Bridgit powers our 2/1 experience and will help us support more systems and options in the future. You can visit the Bridgit project page on GitHub if you’re interested in contributing code or test cases.