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New User Guide

Welcome to Trickster Cards or one of our game-specific apps.

All Trickster Cards’ apps present four main options on their home page:

Home page options
Home page options

Each of these options is described below.


The Play option places you into a game with any available players, based on your past play speed and average hand score. If this is your first “Play” game, you will play it alone.

After your first game, if an existing game is available, you will be placed into it. If no game is available, a new game will be started with three computer players and others may be placed into your newly-created game. “Play” games are timed and give you only 6 to 15 seconds to play a card (the actual time is adjusted by the play speed of the players in the game).

Play is the most popular option in Trickster Cards’ apps.

After you click “Play,” the second panel shows a list of currently-popular games and rules. These vary by the app you’re in and games you’ve played. A new user in the Trickster Cards app sees a list of games from which to choose.

Game list as seen in Trickster Cards
Game list as seen in Trickster Cards

If, however, you’re playing in one of our game-specific apps, you’ll see the currently popular rules for that game. The “bars” meter indicates the relative popularity of each rule set.

Example popular rules in Trickster Spades
Example popular rules in Trickster Spades

If you don’t see the game or rules you like to play, click or tap the “More Games/Rules” button and build a game the way you like it. Others may join into your game if they choose the same rules. If your custom rules become popular, they may make it to the “Popular Rules” list.

New users are asked to enter a player name before the game is created. You may change this player name later by clicking or tapping the name displayed in the upper right corner of the introductory pages.

Users who have previously created accounts with email addresses should Sign In. New users can click Sign In and then Sign Up to create email accounts. Creating an account allows you to share friends, statistics, achievements, and Trickster Chips across games and devices.

Users with a play history are matched to existing games based on their average hand score and play speed. The matching algorithm avoids matching high-score players with low-score players and slow players with fast players. New users without a play history are assumed to be slightly below average in both hand score and play speed.

For best matching, Sign Up for an account (only a name, email addresses, and password are needed) and Sign In whenever you play. This account can be used with all Trickster Cards games on all devices and ensures that your play statistics, friends, and achievements will follow you.


Compete games offer you the opportunity to win Trickster Chips in competition with other real players. Trickster Chips have no cash value, and cannot be redeemed or refunded. Learn more at About Compete.


The Practice option creates a new game against three computer players. You may choose one of the listed rule sets or build your own custom rules before starting the practice game. No other players will join this game. New users are asked to enter a player name before the game is created.


The Join option gives you the choice of joining a friend’s active game (if any), a game created by a friend who sent you a 5-character join code, or creating a new game for inviting others.

To join a friend’s displayed active game, simply click or tap the game’s button shown immediately below the “Join Friends’ Game” title.

To join a game using the 5-character code you received from a friend, click “I Have a Join Code,” enter the code on the next panel, and click or tap the “Join” button.

To create a new game and invite others, click or tap a rules set in the “Create a New Game” section or choose “More Rules” to build your own rule set. When your options are selected, click or tap “OK.” New users are asked to enter a player name before the game is created.

Whether you created a game from listed rules or built your own, you will start the game on a pre-game page where you will see two buttons in the center of the page. One button opens the Invite Friends form and the other starts the game.

Clicking the Invite Friends button allows you to invite friends you have in the Trickster Cards system.

Invite Friends form
Invite Friends form

The friends shown in the “Select friends to invite” list are your Trickster Cards friends who Trickster Cards can contact on your behalf. Other friends are omitted from this list but can be viewed by clicking the “All Friends” button.

Friends who Trickster Cards can invite are:

  • Friends currently playing in a Trickster Cards’ app. These friends are indicated with the solid circle.
  • Friends not currently playing but who have enabled in-app notifications and have allowed invitations to be sent to them. These are indicated with the bell symbol.
  • Friends not currently playing but who have email address accounts and have allowed invitations to be emailed to them. These are indicated with the envelope icon.

If the friend(s) you want to invite are listed, click the box left of their name and click OK. Trickster Cards will contact them by either an in-game notification, an app notification on their phone or PC, or by email.

You may also manually share or email the 5-character code displayed in the “Tell new friends to join using code” box. You can either select and copy the code displayed or use the Email/Shared Code button to its right.

Finally, if you know the email address of a friend you’d like to invite to play, you can enter that in the “Friends’ emails” box and click OK. We’ll send an email invitation on your behalf.

When any of the friends you’ve invited joins your game, a friend relationship will be established in our system. This may make it easier to invite them in the future.

When your friends have joined the game and you’re ready to start, click the “Start game” button in the center of the board. Invited friends can join even after the game has started.

Game Help

For help regarding the rules and options for the specific Trickster Cards’ games, see any of the following:


Feel free to ask us questions or send us feedback on your game play experience using our Send Feedback form.


Thanks for playing a Trickster Cards game!