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About Gifts

Gifts let you buy a VIP Pass or Trickster Chips for someone else. Before purchasing, choose “Buy as a gift” to receive a shareable gift code instead of applying the purchase to your account.

Trickster Cards Gift
12-month VIP
0000 0000 0000 0000
Example gift

Redeeming Gifts

Gifts are redeemed via a shared link or gift code. Anyone with a free Trickster Cards account can redeem a gift. Signing up for an account only requires a working email address.

Sharing Gifts

After you purchase a gift, click the code for an option to share it directly. We’ll also send you an email with gift details. You can print or forward the gift email to your intended recipient.

Purchased Gifts

Find all the gifts you bought and check if they’ve been redeemed in the “Purchased Gifts” section. Open the main menu, go to “Trickster Chips” or “VIP Pass” and scroll down to find it.


Gifts do not expire but they do have some restrictions to limit abuse:

  • Up to 10 gifts may be purchased at a time. To purchase more, some of your gifts must be redeemed first.
  • VIP Pass gifts require fewer than 12 months remaining on the recipient’s VIP pass to redeem.
  • Trickster Chips gifts require the recipient’s balance to be below 10,000 to redeem.