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About Clubs

Clubs is a way for groups of friends to organize and set up club events that consist of games with multiple tables and rounds. Players who participate in clubs must have an account with an email address sign-in. Guest accounts are not allowed.

All Clubs features are accessed by choosing “Clubs” from Trickster Cards’ main menu.

Clubs’ menu item lists:

  • Any upcoming club events – click to view details
  • A button to schedule a club event if you’re an admin of any club
  • A list of clubs you are invited to join – click to view details and accept or decline the invitation
  • Up to 2 clubs in which you are a member or an admin – click to view details
  • A button to view your full list of clubs if your list is longer than 2 clubs
  • A button to create a club
  • A button to view your past event statistics
  • A button to set preferences

Each item is described on its own help page. Choose a topic below:

If you’re new to Clubs, you may have an invitation to a club. If so, click on the club with the “Invited” tag. If you’re not yet a member of any club, start by creating a club with the “Create Club” button.

When a club event is ready to start, an event lobby is opened. Read more.